Asian Franchise Federation

is the Asia’s only trade organization dedicated to strengthening and promoting the best practices in Franchising. Our members are businesses and industry professionals united by their common concerns for the well being of the Franchise marketplace. We provide educational programs, marketing services and networking opportunities that bring together the experts in the franchising domain and franchise veterans to deal with the most important issues affecting franchising.


Through the hard work and dedication of its team of volunteers, organizes and produces several product lines committed to providing information on Franchising. Our seminar series feature annual events that attract prospective franchisee trying to learn about purchasing a franchise, franchisors looking for advice on how to improve their franchise systems and entrepreneurs interested in franchising their business. Our publications constitute high-quality information sources on every aspect of the Franchise marketplace, including our newsstand periodical, Franchise today and member newsletter, and our website,


By displaying the AFF Logo, our members are telling their clients that they are serious about franchising. Our Code of Conduct ensures that AFF members meet standards that set them apart from other franchise systems. We provide our members opportunities to showcase their expertise through officially supported AFF Events. By providing these opportunities to our members, the association is fulfilling an important mandate to promote the benefits of franchising to the public by creating forums for the most highly regarded professionals and experts in the industry.


AFF is the best place for professionals to meet their counterparts in other franchise systems and businesspeople offering services in their field. By joining AFF, member businesses get their name out in the community and particulars for new franchise system helps build a reputation among their peers. The Association provides opportunities for these businesses to seek our complementary business associates to form strategic alliances.


AFF has two distinct membership categories: regular members who are franchisor businesses and franchise support service members who comprise of business such as law firms, financial institution, technology firms and consultants that offer specialized professional services for the franchise sector. These members add value to AFF membership by providing franchisors with a dependable source of trusted specialists for all of their business needs. And of course these, support service companies benefit from exposure to the best source of quality franchise businesses available in India.


AFF is the only advocate for the franchise industry related issues. By consulting with government and government agencies on issues affecting the franchise marketplace, AFF provides a strong, united voice on issues that are of interest to AFF members. Being a member and Participating in AFF activities lends the association credibility needed to establish the Franchise Industry in Asia.